Using a Bluetooth Keyboard with the Apple TV


The Apple TV did not have the expected success initially, especially because of the remote controller of this device. Apple tried to update the controlling method several times. First, it was the application that allows users to control the TV using other Apple mobile devices, but the most important one can be considered the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity. Now, it is possible to use your Bluetooth keyboard to control the Apple TV. Click here to know that how to use Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV.


You will need to check if your keyboard is compatible with your Apple device. you have the documentation at your disposal, but it is not that useful. From that document, you will find out that the Apple TV is only compatible with the Official Wireless Keyboards stated on the list. However, users of other keyboards say that their devices work just as well. If you buy a Bluetooth keyboard just for this purpose, see if it is compatible first, and don’t be disappointed just because you don’t see your keyboard in the official Apple TV list.

The wireless keyboards work just fine with the second and third generations of Apple TV. Logitech keyboards are generally compatible, especially the Easy Switch and the Solar 760, which are perfect if you are one of those users that want to switch from the TV to the computer, and then to the mobile platform. the iPad keyboards also work, obviously. If you want to buy a new wireless keyboard and you are worried about connectivity, you should search the Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard, which has a decent price, and which will surely be compatible.

Pairing with Apple

If you paired your keyboard with your MAC or iPad, you will find it easy to match it with your Apple TV also:

  1. Put the keyboard in pairing mode, using the designed button. If your keyboard does not have a pairing button, press the power button until the pairing mode led flashes.
  2. Use the remote of the Apple TV for the last time to find Settings-General-Bluetooth, and the TV will search for compatible devices around, and it will find your keyboard.
  3. Type the control code that appears on the screen with your keyboard, and then press enter. Starting now, your keyboard will be paired with the TV, and you will see an icon that displays the state of your connection, whenever you turn the keyboard on, it will connect with the TV automatically. If you want to remove the connection, you will have to do this from the same Bluetooth menu of the TV.

Is it useful?

Now that you have the keyboard connected with your TV, it is time to use it! What can you do with it? The arrow keys work just as the ones of the remote, but you will surely find it a lot easier to use the ones of the keyboard. Moreover, the response time for the keyboard is better compared with the one of the remote, and more accurate. When you press the down arrow five times down, it will respond instantly, and this is important for a device, which had problems with menu navigation before.

Return and Enter on the keyboard have the same effect as Select on the keyboard, and Escape brings you to the main menu.

Even with those useful facilities, the most important advantage of using the keyboard is typing. With the remote, you need to select the letters one by one, just like on the old mechanical games that we used to play 30 years ago. With the keyboard, it is just like writing a document, which means time saved and a better method of control.

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