Top 5 Deck Design Ideas


Part of the allure of a new home is the space upon which that home sits. And while many homes may occupy a nice parcel of land, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are connected with nature. Homes big and small are ideal when there is a feature that connects the land to the structure, allowing it to be part of the surrounding landscape. When a house achieves this level of symbiosis with its surrounding elements there is little need for the homeowner to travel far for a relaxing getaway. Do you want some new inspiration for your deck? Visit to read about top recommendations.

Most designers realized long ago that the best way to incorporate the home with the land is through an outside feature like a deck. Most homeowners realize this as well, as many are more than happy to install a deck themselves if their house didn’t already come with one. But an ideal deck design for one home may not work at all with another home.

With that in mind, here are some deck ideas that serve different purposes depending on the type of look and feel a homeowner wants to create.

Small-Home deck solutions

Those working with a 1,000-2,000 sq. ft. home may feel a deck isn’t in the cards, so to speak. But adding an inexpensive timber or Ipe wood deck to the backyard area can make the most of a smaller house by adding space. A deck in this location can act as an extension of the home’s living areas. And adding two or three steps to this deck as well as a bit of backyard landscaping can allow for an elegant transition from the home to a lush garden area. Explore for some inspiring deck decorating ideas. It covers a wide range of deck styles, from the ultra-contemporary to the more classic, to give you ideas for your own outdoor retreat.

Using decks to add rooms

Some of the most effective decks blur the lines between the inside and outside of the house. To this end, homeowners can connect a family room and patio by adding a wrap-around exterior deck as well as wooden beams above it. This design scheme creates a partially sheltered look that makes the area feel as if it is an extension of the home. Plus it’s great for summer parties.

Working with a slope

Those who live on the side of a hill or whose backyards are more of a slope than flat terrain may feel they have zero deck options. This isn’t the case. A sloping backyard is an ideal locale for a deck as it provides space where there was previously none. The key to setting up a deck on a hill is to notch one side of the deck into the hillside. Adding a low retaining wall will then hold the section of the deck sitting uphill in place. This retaining wall can also function as a bench seat.

Front decking

One way to give a home an expansive welcoming look is by adding wide, multi-level deck steps leading from the front yard to the front door. And homeowners can even achieve a tropical look by adding colorful flora on the sides of the deck and palm trees around its perimeter.

Decks and privacy

Those who want to relax with a bit of solitude can add a backyard deck outfitted with its screen. The best way to achieve this is by adding horizontal tree stakes to create a barrier that will provide ample privacy and peace.

These are just a few ideas for that homeowner who wants to add a new dimension to the exterior of his or her house. Of course, the sky is the limit as far as working with decks is concerned. Homeowners can spice up the look of a deck by utilizing different materials and tiles; they can also add functionality and decoration with a fire pit and unique paint job. Click here for plenty of inspiring deck design ideas that can help you turn your outside area into an inviting haven.