Read This Guide Before Buying A Car Dvr


It is no news that so many car accessories are in the market, but what might pique your interest is an important car accessory called car DVR and what it brings to the table. You may not know it, but the fact remains that a car DVR is worth more than a million dollars if you’ve got it installed in your car.

What does a car DVR do?

A car DVR is a certain type of video camera that can be installed in your car and can save you from all sorts of trouble you may not have imagined. It’s strategically placed in the car at angular positions so you can have clear views. Furthermore, it can be an excellent rear and front view mirror that allows you to record all that goes on around the car; you must have seen this in several movies that involve road trips. Visit this website to get detailed information about the latest models of automobiles.

How costly can it be?

When it comes to cost, a car DVR should be quite affordable and the features should be the major determinant, otherwise the purpose for making a purchase would have been defeated before you snap it off the store. For you to make the best buy, it’s imperative you do a detailed research of the different products and their features, and then make a decision based on your findings.

Video quality

The recording of a car DVR should be crystal clear in order that the persons in the video are easily identifiable. If this is not so, it would rather be a waste of money. The video quality is really essential in determining the guilty party in cases of accidents for the investigating team to reach a conceivable conclusion.

Video length

Video length varies from one product to another. The general rule of thumb here is to go with videos of longer length that cover quite much. A 15 minute video might not help that much, 2 to 3 hours video might really help, but a car DVR with longer video length will always be a rewarding venture for your hard earned cash.

The size of a car DVR

A car DVR is generally small and hidden from the naked eyes and not inconvenient any one in any way. If you decide to go for the larger ones, you should be aware of the drawbacks; it could easily hit an individual in the head and this can cause an extensive damage to them.

The size of your car

The size of your car should be put into consideration when you want to make your purchase. It would be needless having so much camera in a small size vehicle, that would tantamount to wastage of resources; having about two or three would be appropriate and more might be required if you’ve got a larger size vehicle.

Battery life

What is the need for a car DVR to possess all the best features and lacks long battery life? It will be well encompassing to have all the features, including long battery life all locked in one place—a battery life of at least 8 to 10 hours will be permissible so you don’t have to recharge every now and then. Long battery life will always come into play on long trips to record events that happen along the way with a clear and crisp picture quality.

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