Problems with Clear 3G Mobile Connection and DirecTV

3G Mobile Connection and DirecTV

Are you using Clear 3G for your mobile internet connection, and did you avail yourself of DirecTV satellite services? If you have this combination, you might want to know about the issues and problems you could face (or you’re already facing) regarding these two services. You can check out the website for more information about the Problem with your Clear 3G Mobile Connection and DirecTV

About Clear 3G and DirecTV

Clear 3G wireless Internet is a service provider that provides users with high speed wireless internet connections through the use of mobile phones. As the name implies, the service provider utilizes 3G technology, the type usually used for mobile phones and devices. The 3G technology enables users to connect to the internet through video calls, mobile TV, and mobile (on the go) web access.

DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite provider that transmits television programs to digital devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops and tabs. The transmission of the programs is made possible through satellite technology, meaning the company uses globally positioned satellites to transmit signals to the user’s mobile phone or other device.

The technology used in 3G and and in direct broadcast is different. For direct broadcast, high speed internet connections and additional support equipment may be needed. Without these the user may not experience optimum service and may face certain problems. Here are some of the main issues experienced by 3G users and DirecTV subscribers:


Speed is a major issue when it comes to the use of a 3G connection with DirecTV. Since DirecTV uses satellite signals, faster internet speed is usually required. Clear’s 3G connection can only download or transfer data at around 10 megabits per second, and though it can reach 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps, this speed may not be enough when a user attempts to download or watch a program or video via DirecTV. You should check out the website for more information about the problems, solutions, and tips to deal with DirecTV and 3G issues.

Problems with Video Streaming

If you want to watch a video on YouTube through DirecTV’s web services, you might also encounter some problems (especially if your connection is through 3G). First and foremost, streaming video on YouTube requires immense data transfers and a large bandwidth. Clear 3G connections may be able to accommodate the transfer of data but the speed of the transfer could be a problem. If the internet connection does not allow quick transfer of data, you might experience buffer, lags and choppy playbacks.

Problems with Modems and Interface

When you avail yourself of Directv services, a receiver box, and a modem are necessary. It is possible that problems will arise between the receiver and the modem, especially if the DirecTV receiver is not compatible with your modem. One of the modems used for Clear 3G is a USB modem; this modem makes internet connection possible when it is plugged into a computer, however, this modem would only work in a computer and not in a mobile device such as a phone or laptop. If you want to connect with DirecTV web services, using this modem would only give you problems. Sat TV Direct only works effectively with standalone modems that enable internet connections through multiple devices. Please visit if you have been experiencing issues with DirecTV and the Clear technology.