Online Estate Agents: The Modern Way to Sell your Home

Online Estate Agents

Remember the days when planning a holiday meant marching down to your local travel agent to see a list of available options? There were times when navigating the world of airline tickets and hotel reservations was quite a daunting task for the average person. However, with the advent of online travel agencies, we now have thousands of offers available at our fingertips.

We can’t say that travel agents have been entirely removed from the equation, but there’s been a definite shift towards empowering people to do these types of things on their own. Along this same vein is the concept of the Online Estate Agent, which is rather quickly giving standard Estate Agents a run for their money. is a website that provides information about estate agents for homeowners who want to sell their property quickly. The website covers all aspects of property information, from buying and selling  & to renovation.

The Concept

The idea is simple and it works; an Online Estate Agentcan value your property, list it in the same places as a high street agent, attend viewings and finally, close the deal. You bypass having to work with traditional agents who require high percentages of the final sales price. As most buyers now search for potential homes on the internet you reach the same, if not better, pool of qualified buyers.

Lower Costs

As many people now understand (and Online Estate Agents like to remind you!), traditional estate agents often charge fees that outweigh the level of service they provide. Yes they may have a certain level of name recognition or be the agent who sold the home when it was last purchased 20 years ago, but what is it that estate agents actually do?

They value your property, list it and bring buyers to see it, and these are things that an online agent can do as well. You could check the website for getting information on online Estate Agents to sell your home.

More Options for Sellers

Instead of just having one option for compensating an agent for their work, companies are able to offer you several options. This makes for a tailored approach to each unique seller’s situation and gives you more say in how it all works out.

Many online agents offer choices such as a low one off payment upfront which includes listings and all subsequent paperwork. You show your home yourself, giving you the chance to point out any and all special selling features.

You can opt for no up-front fee and accompanied viewings, paying just a fraction of a percent of the final sales price, or go for a full service. In this case your agent visits your home, provides professional photos and floor plans, vets potential buyers and negotiates for the highest selling price on your behalf; all for much less than a traditional estate agent would be able to offer.

No Sole Agency Contract

Contrary to a traditional agent there is no sole agency contract with an online estate agent, meaning if you wish to list your property with other agents or in other places you are free to do so. This says quite a bit about the confidence these agents have in their services, but also gives you full flexibility to do as you wish with your property.

Online Estate Agents have taken the industry by storm, offering significantly lower fees, an increased number of options and overall a much more versatile and seller-friendly way of putting your home on the market.  Real estate agencies provide the best property solutions. If you have more questions, check out the website for more details.