Keep an eye on your fish


Want to set up a fish tank in your office or home? We will help you in doing so. Your fish requires lots of care and attention. If you are ready to do that, then keep your fish healthy and happy by maintaining the fish tank setups.

Here, we discuss some important parameters that you have to follow for keeping your fish tank clean. Check out this website for further details about fish care.

Handle your fish with care

Fish are very soft, so need optimum temperature and condition to live in. Before buying them, ask the seller about the level of nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and pH levels to keep them alive. If you are setting the aquarium at home, keep a regular check on the water chemistry. In case the parameters are not favorable, then shift your fish to the freshwater source until the tank is cleaned and maintained.

See that your fish is floating

When you bring the bag of fish for the aquarium then float it for at least 15 minutes. This is done so that the fish get assimilated with the temperature.

Do not over crowd your fish tank

The reason behind this is that the oxygen level gets down in the water. Another thing is that excess of fish leads to the surplus amount of waste. This can result in clogging of filters and humiliate the aquarium.

Keep a check on water condition

This is the most important point. Like humans need water to survive, fishes also need it to keep them healthy. If you are using tap water, then do not forget to dechlorinate it so as to support aquatic life. It is important to keep a balance in the water. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about your pet’s health and care.

Upholding the proper pH level

The pH is used for measuring the level of alkalinity and acidity in the fish tank setups. You need to buy a pH test kit that would help you in maintaining the required pH level. The appropriate environment acts to provide antiseptic effectiveness against any kind of illness.

Replace the water on a frequent basis

According to the experts, it is necessary to replace around 25% of the aquarium water with the fresh on every month. This is required for keeping the tank healthy and clean. In addition, it also keeps the nitrate level on the safer side. Make use of a gravel vacuum to remove the debris and water.

Maintain the fish tank temperature

It is very imperative to keep the temperature according to the fishes. Any change can cause havoc. Never keep your aquarium nearby window due to the direct contact with the sun. This can bring a drastic change in the fish tank or even kill them.

Always clean the side of the tank

Make sure to clean the sides of fish tank setups. This is because; there are the chances of algae growth that can affect health of the fishes. There are varieties of tools available in the market, choose the one that suits your need.

By managing the fish tank properly, you can show your fishes that how much you love them. Click here for more ideas about decorating their tank and maintaining water temperature.