How to Choose the Best London Language School?

Language School

London is one of the best cities in the world to learn how to speak English. Being culturally diverse and loaded with history, students from around the globe enter language schools in London in hopes of learning or improving their English skills. The problem is, however, that there is so much selection it can be difficult to decide on the best school for you. Click here to learn more about pre-schooling, colleges, and universities. Take your time, do some research, and consider these five points when planning where you would like to take your language skills to the next level:

If you have friends or family who has traveled abroad to learn English, ask them which schools they would recommend in London. Whether they attended the school or know someone who has had a positive experience, these are good schools to start your search. Other ways to gather recommendations include:

  • Reading online reviews
  • Reading comments on social media sites
  • Obtaining references from schools of interest
  • Reading reviews on school websites

Student feedback is crucial in determining which school will work best for your lifestyle and learning style. If the students who are attending the school have good things to say about it, then you have likely found a good school that is worth considering.

  • The Quality of the Teachers

Once you have a list of recommended schools to start your search, the next step is to check the quality of the teaching staff. The best quality schools in London will require all trainers to have, at the very least, the CELTA qualification. There are a number of other advanced qualifications which teachers may hold, including DELTA qualifications and awards such as the EBET (excellence in business English training). If you want to learn more about the best language school in London, visit our website for helpful information.

  • The School’s Accreditations

The school which you select should be accredited. A school which is accredited is one which has been inspected by an organization and has proven to meet a certain set of criteria. Schools which are accredited will have reports readily available through the ISI and the British Council.

  • Full Hours or Academic Hours

This is an important consideration as it can impact the value that you receive for the tuition which you pay.

  • Full Hour = 60 minutes
  • Academic Hour = 45 minutes

While some may enjoy the idea of having a shorter class, the fact is that throughout the duration of a program you are losing hours of valuable teaching time. For example, 40 hours of full-hour courses is just that – 40 hours. Forty hours of courses which are academic hours are only thirty hours in duration.

  • The Location of the School

Ideally, the London language school which you choose will be located in the center of London. This is preferred by most students as it puts them right in the heart of the city and allows them to gain experience interacting with English-speaking individuals while indulging in the culture that the city has to offer. That said, some may prefer the peace and serenity of being outside of London’s city center. Keep in mind that is outside of Zone 1 may result in added travel time and costs. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about choosing the best school for better education.