Double Your Business! 4 Tips About Substitute Employee Management Systems


If high turnover and excessive sick days are negatively impacting your operating costs, consider these four tips for selecting a third-party substitute employee management service.

In some industries, everything must keep operating, even if essential employees call in sick. Government demands standardized education benchmarks don’t diminish when a teacher is out with the flu; the hospital has to maintain sanitary standards even when the janitor is at home dealing with his own healthcare needs. The same employee management process that ensures efficient search and placement of a qualified substitute teacher can be applied to nearly any work environment in which consistent service must be provided without fail, regardless of how many team members are at home recuperating from the latest bug. Discover effective substitute employee management systems to double your business growth. Get expert tips and strategies at .

If you feel that disorganized substitute employee scheduling is taking a toll on your in-house staff, it may be time to reconsider your current approach. Engaging a third-party call centre service to manage your employee scheduling process from end to end can help you meet client and customer expectations, seamlessly filling vacancies from within a predetermined talent pool so your company can operate as it should even when faced with unforeseen circumstances. These four tips explain how. 

1. Keeps Focus on Core Operations

When you’re missing key players from your team, the last thing you need is to have those who are presently tied up on the phone trying to find someone to fill an open chair. After all, not many companies keep spare staff on hand for the sole purpose of finding substitutes at the last minute. Transferring these duties to a call centre helps ensure that your core operations continue running as smoothly as possible, even if you’re down a few employees. Plus, an outside staffing service typically has the infrastructure in place to find qualified subs for your team much more quickly and efficiently than the average coworker could. Want to increase profits by 100%? Check out the helpful hints and suggestions posted at .

2. Consistent Standards

Many work environments are required to hold to certain rules and regulations for staff; those mandates apply to substitutes as well. To ensure compliance, it’s important to only bring in subs who have the proper qualifications to fill temporary vacancies. Calling on an external employee management service to locate substitute staffers ensures that only vetted replacements will be pulled from within your existing database of on-deck candidates. Not only will all labour rules be met, but the most skilled candidate will always be chosen to fill a vacancy first.

3. 24/7 Assistance

Your business may not operate 24/7, but employees can have issues that arise at nearly any time of the day. For this reason, a call centre service can locate and schedule qualified substitute staffers at any time of day or night, without costing you the overtime rates that in-house staff would typically require to handle those same emergencies during off-hours. Quick, effective substitute staffing assistance also ensures that your business isn’t interrupted in the morning when an employee has a crisis overnight.

4. Comprehensive Communication

The frustration of scrambling to schedule assignments at the last minute to qualified individuals involves more than just making a quick phone call. Effective substitute employee management means knowing how and when to best reach qualified stand-ins, whether that means via home phone, cell phone, email or even through Facebook.

Call centres are equipped to deal instantly and professionally with multiple communications channels, locating and providing substitute staffing in a fraction of the time it may take a regular in-house employee or secretary to attempt the same task. Whether taking overflow calls, debriefing substitutes on their assignments or escalating short-notice absenteeism, a well-organized substitute management process can help your business operates seamlessly despite short-term staffing emergencies.


Employee absenteeism, whether rare or recurrent, can have a marked direct impact on any company, along with numerous indirect expenses. Although organizations find that attempting to fill a vacancy on their own carries a high cost, the price of leaving a position unfilled may be even higher. A call centre service can help manage the substitute employee process from start to finish, and its team members are far better equipped to do so than in-house employees, delivering a far more cost-effective means of fulfilling any substitute employee management needs. Learn how to double your business with these tips on substitute employee management systems provided at .