5 Satisfying Careers for People That Love Working With Kids

Careers for People That Love Working With Kids

Something that pretty much all of us can agree on is the fact that one of our most precious gifts on this earth is our children. And so, if you’re someone who enjoys donating your time, energy, resources, and skills to kids, have you ever thought about working in a field that caters specifically to their needs?

Oftentimes, when people think of having a child-oriented career, what immediately comes to their mind is being a schoolteacher. And while that is certainly an admirable profession, the reality is that there are actually many other things that you can do as well. You can also check out this website https://24thoughts.com/ to get detailed information about developing a successful career.

If you’re curious about what some of the satisfying careers for those who love working with kids are, we’ve enclosed five other great ones for you to consider below:

A coach

If you like sports and the thought of showing kids how to play them excites you, something that you could become is a coach. One cool thing about this particular option is you can apply to work at a school, an after-school program or at a sports center that has athletic programs for kids. The average salary for a full-time coach is around $24,000.

A Pediatric Nutritionist

As obesity in children continues to rise to epidemic proportions, a particular career that is becoming more and more in demand is pediatric nutritionist. These are individuals who specialize in educating people about the kinds of foods they need to eat (along with how they need to prepare them) in order to stay healthy. Nutritionists oftentimes work within the school systems. You typically need a master’s in nutrition and the pay is around $50,000. For more information, visit this dedicated website: https://news-takeuchi.com/.

A Librarian

Virtually all of us have memories of either going to the public library or attending study hall in our school’s library while growing up. And while technology makes it easy to research information over the internet or download e-books onto our computers and smartphones, libraries are still essential because they house a lot of material that can sometimes be hard to find elsewhere. To work as a librarian, you need a master’s in library science and the average pay is about $52,000.

A Speech Pathologist

Something that many child experts believe benefits a growing baby’s development is Baby Einstein videos; they can help to provide a good educational foundation. Well, as a child starts becoming old enough to go to school and their parents or teachers start to sense that they may have a communication problem, oftentimes a speech pathologist will be assigned to work with them. A master’s degree in speech pathology along with approximately 300 hours of clinical work is required to be employed in a school, a hospital or to start a private practice. You can earn around $58,000 with this kind of position.

A Juvenile Justice Attorney

No parent wants to think that someday their child might end up in some kind of legal trouble, but it sometimes happens. And when it does, their son or daughter is going to need some good representation. If you have a passion for helping children with legal challenges, you may want to consider becoming a juvenile justice attorney. It will require graduating from law school and passing the bar in your state. As far as pay, it can range between $80,000-100,000. It’s one way to make a comfortable living and a great contribution to your community too. Learn more about legal issues on this dedicated website: https://kavkazweb.net/.